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Guide to Fighter Feats "); //-- By Scathe and Ralsu Revised by Nuitaran 11/07/06 The biggest bonus of being a fighter is the amount of Feats available. This luxury...

Guide to Fighter Feats

By Scathe and Ralsu
Revised by Nuitaran 11/07/06

The biggest bonus of being a fighter is the amount of Feats available. This luxury becomes a chore when the uninitiated player tries to sort through so many choices. Some of those possible Feats are good, some are OK if you have room and want to be better at something outside the fighter's box, and some are utterly useless. One bad pick can ultimately break a fighter's ability in Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). We have rated the Feats below based on our experience as to which are going to be most helpful and useful. Like the other DDO guides at Ten Ton Hammer, we use a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best.

A rating of 1 or 2 means the Feat is pretty much useless to a fighter and one that you probably want to avoid. A rating of 3 indicates that the Feat can be used with some careful planning if the fighter build has room to fit it in. We reserve a rating of 4 only for those Feats that are almost necessary picks for a particular type of fighter build. A rating of 5 designates the best of the fighters Feats and ones players should seriously consider in any DDO build involving fighters.

To help you navigate the many Feats, just click on the range of Feats below to move to that spot in the guide:
  1. Acrobatic
  2. Alertness
  3. Athletic
  4. Bullheaded
  5. Cleave
  6. Combat Expertise
  7. Discipline
  8. Dodge
  9. Exotic Weapon Proficiency
  10. Great Cleave
  1. Great Fortitude
  2. Greater Two Weapon Fighting
  3. Greater Weapon Focus
  4. Greater Weapon Specialization
  5. Improved Critical
  6. Improved Feint
  7. Improved Precise Shot
  8. Improved Shield Bash
  9. Improved Shield Mastery
  10. Improved Sunder
  1. Improved Trip
  2. Improved Two Hand Fighting
  3. Improved Two Weapon Fighting
  4. Iron Will
  5. Lightning Reflexes
  6. Luck of the Heroes
  7. Mobility
  8. Negotiator
  9. Point Blank Shot
  10. Power Attack
  1. Precise Shot
  2. Precision
  3. Quick Draw
  4. Rapid Reload
  5. Rapid Shot
  6. Resilience
  7. Resist Poison
  8. Sap
  9. Self Sufficient
  10. Shield Mastery
  1. Shot on the Run
  2. Skill Focus
  3. Slicing Blow
  4. Snake Blood
  5. Spring Attack
  6. Stealthy
  7. Stunning Blow
  8. Toughness
  9. Two Handed Fighting
  10. Two Weapon Blocking
  1. Two Weapon Defense
  2. Weapon Finesse
  3. Weapon Focus
  4. Weapon Specialization
  5. Whirlwind Attack

1. Acrobatic

Official Text: "You have excellent body awareness and coordination. You receive a +2 bonus on Jump checks and Tumble checks."

Comments: Even though Tumble is not a fighter Skill, it can be very helpful in avoiding damage. Still, I don't recommend wasting a Feat slot just to get a +2 to Tumble.

Rating: 1
2. Alertness

Official Text: "You have finely tuned senses. You receive a +2 bonus on Listen checks and Spot checks."

Comments: The party's rogue will do all the Listen and Spot checks. This is not a fighter's job.

Rating: 1
3. Athletic

Official Text: "You have a knack for athletic endeavors. You receive a +2 bonus on Balance checks and Swim checks."

Comments: Balance is becoming increasingly important in DDO thanks to the overuse of Trip by enemies, but doesn't warrant a Feat slot. A good Swim Skill is good for anybody, but items of Water Breathing are far too common to make this boost to the Swim Skill worthwhile.

Rating: 2
4. Bullheaded

Official Text: "You are exceptionally headstrong and difficult to sway. You receive a +1 on all Will saves and +2 bonus on Intimidate checks."

Comments: Intimidation is great for those who wish to build tanks, and a fighter's biggest weakness is resistance to mind spells. The +1 Will save is a nice bonus. However before choosing this Feat, I would plan out your build to make sure you have room. There are better Feats out there, but this one is not too bad.

Rating: 3
5. Cleave

Official Text: "Activate this ability to attack one or more enemies in an arc in front of you."

Prerequisite: Power Attack

Comments: The cool thing about this Feat is it only has a 5 second cool down and it's a good aggro controller. Set yourself in the middle of a horde of monsters and Cleave. There is no bonus to damage, but the damage calculated over a few monsters in one swing is highly beneficial.

Rating: 4
6. Combat Expertise

Official Text: "While using Combat Expertise mode, you trade your attack bonus for extra AC. Casting a spell ends this mode."

Prerequisite: Intelligence 13

Comments: If your goal is to fill the tank role for your party, this is a great Feat to have. Compared to Defensive Fighting, this Feat will give you a greater Armor Class bonus. The next bonus to grabbing this Feat is that it is a prerequisite for Improved Trip and Improved Sunder. Most fighters will find, however, that the Attack Bonus tradeoff is too high for the gains.

Rating: 3
7. Discipline

Official Text: "You are difficult to distract with spell or blow. You receive a +1 on all Will saves and +2 bonus on Concentration checks."

Comments: There is no benefit with this Feat. Bullheaded is a much better choice.

Rating: 2
8. Dodge

Official Text: "Grants you a +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class."

Prerequisite: Dexterity 13

Comments: There's never anything wrong with Dodge if you’re going to be on the front lines. It also leads to better Feats that are very useful for a fighter. This is a good one to get.

Rating: 5
9. Exotic Weapon Proficiency

Official Text: "You do not suffer a -4 attack penalty for using one or more of the exotic weapons."

Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +1
STR 13+ for Dwarven Waraxe or Bastard Sword

Comments: There are a few very good exotic weapons in DDO and you basically can't use them without this Feat. Bastard Sword, Repeater Crossbow, and Khopesh are 3 powerful weapons, but they come with the cost of a Feat each. Plan your fighter out and then decide if you want to grab one of these.

Rating: 3

combat10. Great Cleave

Official Text: "Activate this ability to attack one or more enemies in a wider arc than Cleave."

Prerequisite: Cleave
Base Attack Bonus +4

Comments: Great Cleave allows you to hit all monsters except the ones behind you. This is a great Feat to grab for one reason: when DDO introduces Epic levels, the best fighter Feats require Great Cleave as a prerequisite, including Overwhelming Critical, and Devastating Critical. You may not want miss that on your fighter, but save it for extra feats down the road.

Rating: 3

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