Q: Prison of the Mind

Quest Guide: Vault of Night 2, The Prison of the Mind "); //-- By Rithic This is the second of the Vault of Night series, and perhaps of the entire game one of...

Quest Guide: Vault of Night 2, The Prison of the Mind

By Rithic

This is the second of the Vault of Night series, and perhaps of the entire game one of the most unusal settings to be found.  This quest can be both frustrating or easy, depending upon the experience, ability and link of those participating.  If done properly, it does not take very long at all to complete. If done improperly, it can lead to all sorts of difficulties, including multiple entries, people leaving for resurrection, and general chaos, suffering and irritation.

To start this quest make sure you talk to Marek after completing Tharask Arena.  To find the quest go towards the House Kundurak Bank and once you are over the bridge make left and head towards the wagons.  Behind the wagons next to the wall is a door this is where you get into the quest.  Once you enter the area you will see a male elf standing beside a female who is sitting.  You will need to speak with the male, Shenn Kulle, first to progress the quest. You have the choice of trying to get her to break out of the charm or attempt to enter her mind. You should choose to enter her mind to succesfully enter the quest.

Starting Npc:
Marek Malcanus
Quest Zone:
House Kunderak
Related Zones:
Everfull Flagon
Beholder, Minotaur Shaman,  Minotaur Lord, Tharak Hound, Air Mephit, Granite Gargoyle, Quori Spider, Arcane Ooze, Black Pudding
Named Bosses
Ingstoldt, Orphane's Shadow
Bonus Objectives:
Kill all the pest in Ingstoldt's home.
Possible Reward Items:
3 Chests
Von 2 MapUpon entering the quest you see Mistress Orphne sitting on the fountain and the area is surrounded by a force shield.  Talking to Orphne will cause the shield to drop.  This quest has two make things that make it different than you average quest.  The first is that it is non linear and any part can be done in any order with little change to the overall strategy of the quest.  Second, and most important, is that the quest will fail if anyone falls off the platforms at any time.  This will cause you to be kicked out of the quest and have to start all over again.

The quest itself has no map so I have drawn one to the best of my abilities.  The blue map notes are quest items, the pinkish ones are ladders, and the red one that is show is the only static chest.  This is a 3-D quest and some times the different levels overlap.  I hope this map can give you an idea as to where you may be.  I have facing Orphne at the start be directional north.  Each major section is labeled and broken down.

The Spider Secton:

This section is an interesting and straight forward fight.  Going over the bridge you will see a ladder going up to another platform.  **Caution** Once someone touches this ladder a beholder will spawn across from the ladder on the platform.  This is also the toughest beholder fight as a telekinesis beam can send you flying right over the edge of the platform and end the quest.

After defeating the beholder, go up the ladder.  Clerics, or any of those who can use lesser restoration, will need to stay back at the ladder. Here is a fight with quori spiders, these spiders do not hit very hard but they do have a secondary attack that does very high charisma damage.  When you are reduce to 0 charisma you will start taking automatic critical hits and be unable to do anything but run and block. 

Once all the spiders are killed a ladder will drop allowing you to go to the upper platform.  Only one needs to go up.  There is a flower patch up on this platform along with a resurrection shine.  The flower patch holds the blossom that Orphne wants, collect it and return to the center starting platform.

The Wind Bridge section.The Wind Bridge

  This is a tricky section.  You need only a minimal number of people to come through this section.  Note:  If you or anyone in the party is unsure of their timing skills, or if you or anyone is experiencing any lag at all these people do not need to come into this section as a slight mistake can cause the quest to fail.  You can get to the other side of the bridge by using the pillars to wait between blasts. 

You will send either a sturdy tank or a paladin around the corner and this will spawn another beholder and cause several force fields to pop up blocking your path.  Once the beholder is destroyed, there is a ladder leading up to another plat form, you have to jump to this ladder as there is no ground connected to it.  Drop to the next plat form, this causes three black puddings to spawn, you can kills these or ignore them. 

Up the next ladder and you will have to fight a group of arcane oozes.  These oozes are very tough, causing spell point loss if they hit you, also they hit very hard (from 12-35 damage a hit) and seem to have a very good attack bonus as they can hit an armor class of 32-35 with ease, if the cleric is not there I would suggest being able to heal yourself. 

Once these oozes are defeated, a ladder will descend, only one person needs to go up.  This will lead to another wind bridge, but this time you avoid the air jets by standing on the X's that are marked on the walkway as shown in the picture.  Once you are across you can collect the dagger from the chest and featherfall back onto the center platform just to the left of the chest. 

The Labyrinth:

Labyrinth MapThere are two parts to this leg but I just put them together.  Once you go over the bridge you will see a platform to the left.  When you go to about midway across the platform a beholder will spawn.  Kill it and collect the locket from the chest.

Climb the ladder to the entrance to the maze; I have given a fully scaled map of the maze with the quickest route to the end.  This does not help you in finding the two random spawned chests.  In the maze there are two chests that random spawn, I have marked the areas I have seen them spawn in with green boxes.  There are semi random spawns of tharak Hounds, minotaur shamans and minotaur lords inside the maze.  Also there are semi random traps the can appear in different place, these include: spikes, sonic, dart, force and acid. 

Once you are out of the maze you will see a ladder, climb this and make you way to platform with a fire giant named Ingstoldt.  You have three ways to do this encounter; One of those involve using skills: either bluff or diplomacy.  A bluff or diplomacy of 20 is enough to get around the giant without fighting. If you use skills he asks you to clear his house of pests and opens the door.  This will cause several air mephitis of various levels to spawn, kill them.  Once this is done you can collect a key from Ingstoldt that will open the chest and let you get the mirror.  Another way is to just challenge him right off the bat and attack; once he is active he is an orange Named mini boss with all the immunities of such.  The third, and more devious way, is once you use diplomacy or bluff and the door is open send either a caster with knock or a rogue in and pick the chest open, take the mirror and leave. 

The fastest way to leave the area is to go
Ingstodlt the Giant to the ladder that you climbed to get up and use feather fall to land on top of the Labyrinth run strait across and feather fall down to the central platform.

Once you have completed all the legs meet back on the center platform and make sure that everyone has electric resistance of at least 20 and/or electric protectection.  Start giving the missing possessions back to Mistress Orphne.  Once all four are returned a Shadow of Orphne will spawn creating a force wall trapping the party in and will immediately ststart attacking, usually leading off with chain lightning followed by other powerful damage spells.  This is a strait up beat down and once the Shadow is dead the force wall will drop and experience is awarded. 

Before you leave, make sure to check out the right side of the platform as there is a chest there.  Finish out and return to Marek with the news that you have completed the adventure.

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