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Spell Combinations

By Lyle Vertigo

Welcome to another Ten Ton Hammer Spell Tactics guide. This time we'll be getting into the juicy bits: spell combinations. A spell combination can be spells at your current disposal to create a compound effect that the spells wouldn't be able to achieve separately. Though fights happen quickly most of the time, using a combination of spells will make things easier for you and your party. Remember, it's not the spells that make them nasty but the skill used along with them. Now let's begin. First, we will go over some simple 2-spell combos, which a lot of fellow casters might be already using.

Two-spell Combinations

Masge ArmorMage Armor + Shield - Very effective for early level mages. Around the Level 3 or 4, the availability of widow bracers renders Mage Armor obsolete. Still, +8 to AC with protection from magic missiles is pretty nice.

Charm person + Cause Fear/Scare - With this you are reducing the number of aggressive enemies engaging your party and making use of the area's resources. First start off by charming a nearby humanoid, preferably a fighter type since it will have a lower will save. Then follow up with a Cause Fear on a nearby spell caster-type or next level of threat, disabling its ability to take action and--if by coincidence the charmed enemy is near the frightened one--making it the target of your new pet. Cause Fear is great against spell casters, and using a charmed enemy on it will allow your party to take care of the hard-hitting melee fighters first before having to go after the potential danger of the spell caster.
Hypnotic Pattern
Grease/Hypnotism/Hypnotic Pattern + Burning Hands - Grease does have its uses (besides making Giants fall), and in this case will help keep that group of enemies together just long enough for you to position for an efficient area of effect (AoE) like Burning Hands. If dealing with enemys that have a high reflex save then use Hypnotism/Hypnotic Pattern to take advantage of their low will save. If by chance they don't have a weakness to either, then go with Hypnotism or Hypnotic Pattern since they will have a better chance of stalling them.

Blindness/Glitterdust + Ray of Enfeeblement - Using this combo will severely impair an enemy's chance to successfully hit.

Web + Burning Hands/Fireball - Web + Burning Hands/Fireball - Some may gripe if you use this combo but it can be very effective if you have enough spell points for it. While you can actually destroy the web if the area of the spell hits the center of the web, it makes your AoE's much more effective because all your opponents bunch up in the area of the web.

Touch of Idiocy + Melf's Acid Arrow - These two go hand-in-hand when dealing with mages. The Touch of Idiocy will lower the caster's spell-casting stat, limiting its ability to cast spells while Melf's Acid Arrow makes the mage roll a Concentration check each time it tries to cast a spell.

Haste + Slow - Why stop at using only one or the other? One alone will make the fight easier. Both will make things cake.

Multiple-spell combinations

Now to the down and dirty. Most fights rarely last long enough for you to cast more than two spells on a single enemy. It will be a waste of spell points to try, which will hurt your party in the long run. Three or more-spell combos are intended for extremely hard named or boss enemies, as they usually strike very hard, fast, and/or cast spells with deadly results.

Haste + Heroism + Rage - Turn your melees into slaughterhouses with this three spell combo buff. Also take into consideration that Heroism will stack with bless, which is very nice indeed.

Touch of Idiocy/Feeblemind + Bestow Curse + Crushing Despair + Ray of Enfeeblement + Ray of Exhaustion - This will turn any melee boss into a helpless baby. First cast Touch of Idiocy/Feeblemind followed up by Bestow Curse to weaken the target's saves. Then comes Crushing Despair, Ray of Enfeeblement and lastly Ray of Exhaustion to make the target severely handicapped, if not helpless. As far as I understand, Ray of Enfeeblement and Ray of Exhaustion stack,Web so there is a potential for a –17 to strength. Ouch!

Bestow Curse + Web + Cloudkill + Phantasmal Killer - This is about trying to get the one-hit kill from Phantasmal Killer. Hold the target in place with Web so it can stick around inside Cloudkill. Then go for the coup de grace with Phantasmal Killer.

As a spell lingers, it takes more than just having a spell in possession to get the job done. By combining spells it will make you a more skillful and tactical mage that any party will love to have.Using the tactics in this guide can make mages a force second to none!

Do you use a particularly nasty spell combination not mentioned in this guide? Tell us about it here!

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