EVE Online: King of the Sandbox MMO

By Reuben Waters -
True sandbox gameplay can be a tricky thing to master in MMOs. In an era dominated by World of Warcraft’s “theme park” approach, the challenge ramps up even further as players unfamiliar with the notion of creating their own destiny within a virtual world can sometimes feel lost in the storm without specific game mechanics in place to point them in the right direction.

Enter CCP’s EVE Online. A staple on the MMO market for nearly six years, EVE not only provides an excellent example of what can be done with sandbox gameplay, but according to Reuben “Sardu” Waters, it blows the competition out of the water.

The primary ingredient for any successful sandbox MMO will always boil down to whether the developers are giving players the tools to create their own destiny. Not everyone wants to play the hero who slays the dragon and wins the heart of the maiden who turns out to be an evil sorceress that in turn traps the hero’s soul inside a charm that gets tossed into the bottom of a well after all!

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