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Loading... Live Episode 5 - NY Comic-Con Wrapup

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Length: 28:41

Synopsis: A tired Ten Ton Hammer crew returns from New York Comic-Con (Feb. 6th-7th, 2009) with plenty a-story to tell. We'll review all the news and latest revelations from Warhammer Online, FusionFall, 38 Studios and Copernicus, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe Online in this special NYCC '09 wrap-up edition of Loading... Live!


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  • Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle
    Editor in Chief- Ten Ton Hammer Network
  • Ben "Machail" de la Durantaye
    Managing Editor - Ten Ton Hammer Network


  • Garrett Fuller
    The "face" of Ten Ton Hammer
  • You!
    Join us next week on Voon in room: Ten Ton Events.

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 0:44 Straight to business.

This one goes off without a hitch, but sadly with Ten Ton Hammer on the road, there's quite a bit of laptop fan noise (Ethec left his headset at home).


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News and Events
  • 1:03 The Machail Report
  • 3:25 That's No Gnome
  • 4:50 Praise Thrall, Pass the Ammunition
  • 8:20 More Predictions

In this edition of the Machail report, Ben has the latest pedophile meets the unassuming WoW player story, but for extra sadness, wait till you hear what the DA had to say. Also, is WoW a religion? We think not.


NY Comic-Con '09 Wrapup
  • 9:16 DC Universe Online
  • 11:14 WAR
  • 18:17 STO
  • 19:51 38 Studios
  • 21:32 Champions Online
  • 25:57 Wrap-up

We run down the top experiences of NY Comic-Con, game by game. Best of Show? DC Universe Online, hands down. We were impressed by Jumpgate Evolution too, and 38 Studios has us wanting to play a game that we know nothing about! We'll wrap-up the wrapup with a preview of the next Loading... Live.


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