Jumpgate Evolution Hands-On Report: In the Eyes of a Veteran

Posted Tue, Feb 24, 2009 by Cody Bye

It's been awhile since space combat gamers had something to get excited about. Although a new sci-fi shoot 'em up may come out every few years, the difference in quality between the good and bad titles is pretty astounding. So when Ten Ton Hammer's Cody Bye got a chance to stop by and try out NetDevil upcoming space combat MMO Jumpgate Evolution, he did his best to look at the game through the eyes of a joystick gamer.

After selecting my avatar, I put on my headphones and jumped into the game. In many of the previous interviews I worked on with Producer Hermann Peterscheck, he and I constantly discussed how focused his team had been on iteration. The first glance at the player screen made it incredibly obvious that the constant iteration cycles had definitely paid off in the user interface. Old space combat gamers will instantly recognize many of the elements of the genre’s standard HUD. From the opponent viewing window to the center targeting reticule, there’s a lot that stays true to that old formula. Shield status and hull integrity are also quickly recognizable and located at the top of the screen.


Earlier this morning rumors surfaced that NetDevil had suffered a round of layoffs.

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