Exclusive LOTRO Lothlórien Interview - Past Galadriel's Garden

Posted Mon, Mar 09, 2009 by Cody Bye

Whenever a new content update for Lord of the Rings Online comes around, the Ten Ton Hammer staffers always look forward to talking with the developers from Turbine. You’ll rarely meet a group of nicer people, and there well-spoken passion about their game is contagious. During our tour, we had the opportunity to ask a number of questions to LOTRO’s live producer, Aaron Campbell, who was gracious enough to answer all of our questions. Enjoy!

Ten Ton Hammer: So gamers really only saw part of Lothlórien at the end of Moria, correct?

Aaron: Correct. We gave them a peek with Galadriel’s Garden and the outskirts of the area. It was basically the location where Haldir meets with the Fellowship and offers to guide them through Lothlórien. That space is really a jumping off point for what many of the players will experience in Book 7.

Basically, players will need to insure the elves that they can be trusted in Lothlórien, or else the guards will shoot them down if they enter the golden wood.
You can read the rest of the LOTRO exclusive interview by clicking here!

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