Bad Crazy in Internet Space

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The last few weeks have taken us to the edge of New Eden. The Goonswarm intelligence director and solar spymaster, The Mittani, has given us blow-by-blow accounts of the war going on in The Delve and what it takes to lose a war. But what happens when a person devotes weeks to a game without even taking the time to sleep? That's the kind of question The Mittani explores in this week's article, "Bad Crazy in Internet Space." Believe me, this article is definitely one to read.

Sleep was sacrificed, work was skipped, and as each day passed a greater edge of delirium inserted itself into the normal operations of the alliance. One of our logisticians woke his wife up in the middle of the night shouting that "We've got to pack up everything and move the babies to Delve!" Another Goonswarm director told his wife that she should only use half the detergent in the dishwasher, because the "salad bowls are in reinforced mode." And yours truly (so I am told) once sat bolt-upright in bed and warned his spouse: "Don't touch that! Don't open the refrigerator! The spy is in the refrigerator!" before abruptly passing back out.

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