Ten Ton Hammer Exclusives: The Week in Review

By Reuben Waters -
The 2009 Game Developers’ Conference took place this week, and Ten Ton Hammer jumped on the opportunity to check in with some of the top names in the MMO industry. Be sure to check out all of our GDC ’09 event coverage, jam packed with exclusive interviews, an exclusive GDC blog series by Mythic Entertainment’s Paul Barnett and more! Below you’ll also find a handy list of links to a week’s worth of the absolute best in MMO exclusives, found only at Ten Ton Hammer!

Exclusive Content:

GDC '09: Jumpgate Evolution State of the Game Interview
Realtime Worlds Dev Q&A - APB Update and Vivox Deal
Exclusive Gatheryn GDC '09 Interview - Creating an "Advanced Casual" MMO
Paul Barnett's GDC Blog #1 - Learning New Things
Exclusive Q&A with Aion's Brian Knox
Paul Barnett's GDC Blog #2 - WAR Pants
Paul Barnett's GDC Blog #3 - Elvis in the GDC
Comics: Geeked - "Demands"
Goob & Begud - "May Cause Leakage"
Dev Diary: Ether Saga Dev Diary #1 - The Transformation System
Lineage Dev Diary - Exclusive Reveal of Episode U
Ether Saga Dev Diary #2 - The Quests
Editorials: The Necessity of Espionage - Sins of a Solar Spymaster #4
A Beginner's Look at Darkfall - How to Get Ganked
Features: Chronicles of Spellborn 3.20 Webinar Report
All Hell Breaks Loose in Heaven - Ether Saga Online Preview
What Does Jumpgate Evolution Need to Do to Succeed?
WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull
How Can Champions Online Integrate Playable Villains?
Vanguard: State of the Game
Interview: Exclusive EverQuest 2 Interview with Ryan Favale
Review: EVE Online New Player Experience Revamp

Exclusive Guides:

EVE: New EVE Online FAQ
TCoS: The Chronicles of Spellborn - Beginner's Guide to Combat
WAR: Slayer Ability List: Levels 1-20
Choppa Ability List: Levels 1-20
WoW: Northrend Reputation Guide for Death Knights
Northrend Reputation Guide for Druids
Northrend Reputation Guide for Hunters
Northrend Reputation Guide for Mages
Northrend Reputation Guide for Rogues
Northrend Reputation Guide for Paladins
Northrend Reputation Guide for Priests
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