The Chronicles of Spellborn – Guide to Rogue Disciplines

Rather than lock players into a specific class, or Discipline selection during character creation, in The Chronicles of Spellborn you’ll initially be presented with three main archetypes...
Rather than lock players into a specific class, or Discipline selection during character creation, in The Chronicles of Spellborn you’ll initially be presented with three main archetypes to choose from – Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior. Providing a few key skills for the archetype selected, the early levels will allow you to get a general feel for combat before deciding upon one of three Disciplines specific to that archetype upon reaching Fame Rank 5. The Disciplines themselves offer an increasingly varied gameplay experience while still retaining elements of the main archetype as you progress.

To help make the Discipline selection easier for new players, we’ve put together a handy guide outlining the roles and unique abilities for each archetype’s 3 primary disciplines. First up, the Rogue Disciplines; Deathhand, Skinshifter and Trickster!

Precision, deception and speed are the main attributes of a rogue. Skilled in the arts of assassination, Rogues are precision instruments of death. Every rogue has a variety of lethal tools at their disposal. From the venomous lashes of a Deathhand the shape changing madness of the Skinshifter to the deadly traps of the Trickster, rogues can dispatch those foolhardy enough to cross them with the greatest of ease!


The Deathhand Discipline has roots in Alchemy, dealing in a number of deadly toxins and poisons. Rogues who enjoy dealing steady damage over time with poison tipped blades can’t go wrong with the Deathhand.

Strengths: The Deathhand is most suited for group play. In solo situations they may find it difficult to survive long enough for their poisons to take down larger groups of enemies.

Unique Ability: Poison

Bodyslots: Available from Spirit Shop Physician Cider Telsos


Poison No. 5
5 Moderate damage over time effect. Triggered by specific skills

Physical Blight
10 Diminishes target's physique. Triggered by specific skills.

15 Target receives moderate damage and targets nearby the target
receive moderate damage after a delay (12s). Triggered by
specific skills.


The exact origins of the Skinshifters remain a complete mystery, even to the Skinshifters themselves. The most obvious characteristic that sets them apart from other Rogues though is the ability to change its outer appearance at will. What better way to sneak up on your enemy and sink your blades into their back than to mimic their appearance?

Strengths: While many of their skills will remain useful in groups, Skinshifters are the perfect Discipline for any Rogue wanting to walk the solo path.

Unique Ability: Crystal Mazes

Bodyslots: Available from Soul Shop Soul Catcher Upindal Staene


Ousted Crystal
5 Grants the Ousted Cutthroat appearance. User Startable.

Wolf Crystal
5 Grants Shaymane appearance. User Startable.

Boar Crystal
10 Grants the Boar appearance. User Startable.


Tricksters are crafty Rogues skilled in the use of various magically-enhanced Gadgets. Originally developed by High House Onyx after the Great Collapse, the use of Gadgets has undergone many transformations over the years, culminating in one of the most deadly of the Rogue Disciplines.

Strengths: Tricksters can do well either solo or in groups, though their use of Gadgets allows them to cover large groups of enemies. When combined with the Trickster’s teleportation skills, this is one Rogue Discipline that can keep their enemies running in circles, regardless of the situation.

Unique Ability: Gadgets

Bodyslots: Available from Runeshop Tinkerer Bagten Vaeyl


5 Reduces target concentration. Default. Infinite uses. Triggered by
specific skills.

10 Deals damage. Default. Infinite Uses. Triggered by specific skills.

15 Physique reduced every tick on targets inside the area of effect.
Triggered by specific skills.

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