The Chronicles of Spellborn – Guide to Spellcaster Disciplines

In The Chronicles of Spellborn, players will start their adventures as one of three main archetypes: Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior. Upon reaching level 5, new Disciplines become available...
In The Chronicles of Spellborn, players will start their adventures as one of three main archetypes: Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior. Upon reaching level 5, new Disciplines become available for each archetype – think of these as Spellborn’s version of subclasses. While each individual Discipline will focus on a set of unique abilities and skills, elements of the core archetype will remain throughout the leveling experience. To help players new to the world of Spellborn with their initial Discipline selections, we’ve put together a series of handy guides detailing the strengths and unique abilities of each potential path. We’ve also included a brief description of the first few Bodyslots for each Discipline. The Bodyslots themselves will be unique skills for each Discipline which can be used by a simple press of the F1-F5 keys (depending on which slot you place the skill into). This allows each Discipline to access certain skills or short duration buffs that can be used independently of the Skill Deck, and in most cases can be used outside of combat.

The second of Ten Ton Hammer’s Discipline guides for The Chronicles of Spellborn focuses on the Spellcaster archetype, highlighting its unique Disciplines; the Ancestral Mage, Runemage and Void Seer!

Scholars of hidden knowledge, Spellcasters are experts in the art of controlling time, space and the elements. Spellcasters are attuned to the primal forces that roam the Deadspell Storm, enabling them to unleash devastating magical powers on their opponents. Although close combat might not be the Spellcasters’ strong suit, when these masters of the arcane get the right distance between them and their foes, there is nothing more lethal. From the spirit legions of the Ancestral mage, the anti magic of the Void Seer to the pure explosive power of the Runemage, a Spellcaster is best left in a good mood if one values his life!

Ancestral Mage

A modern offshoot of the Runemage, Ancestral Mages came into their own as a unique Discipline through the close study of electrical discharges. This led to the discovery of ways in which these discharges could produce an ‘echo’ of certain creatures. By locking these echoes into crystal cages, Ancestral Mages learned to summon them in spirit form to do their bidding. Thus a new school of elemental magic was born. While the Ancestral Mage continues to focus upon researching ancestral magics, they also seek out new ways to control their spirit companions.

Strengths: Through the use of various Spirit Pets, Ancestral Mages can solo quite effectively while still providing excellent offensive and buff support in groups.

Unique Ability: Spirit Pets

Bodyslots: Available from Spirit Shop Echotamer Ronick Lerastin


Hyena Avatar
5 Deals moderate damage. Medium avatar. User Startable.

Ousted Elder
10 Buffs magic resistance of party members and casts minor heals.
Weak avatar. User Startable.

15 Deals minor magic damage, slows target. Meduim avatar.
User Startable.


Runemages are the oldest of the mage disciplines, having spent years developing complex spells to discover the true source of power of the Vhelgar: the Altar of the Undying. As with many other things, the magics of the Runemage were thrown into a state of disarray after the Great Collapse. Through great perseverance the Runemages continued to study elemental magics, though ultimately only the raw, destructive force behind elemental magic proved stable. Thus the modern Runemage was born – a powerful, offensive Spellcaster dealing in the destructive powers of the elements.

Strengths: Runemages learn many skills that can be used against large groups of enemies, making them an invaluable addition to any group situation where a strong offense is preferred. Runemages also fare quite well in solo situations thanks to their raw destructive power and overall versatility.

Unique Ability: Tattoos

Bodyslots: Available from Rune Shop Tattooist Bergo Thirindy


5 Enhances damage spells. User Startable.

10 Enhances state altering spells. User Startable.

Breath of
15 Enhances healing spells. User Startable.

Void Seer

The Void Seer is the youngest of the three Spellcaster Disciplines, formed by the followers of the Oracle. A group of mages known as the Veridan discovered that among their ranks some were able to commune directly with the Oracle, sensing its awareness and in doing so were also able to view the tapestry of the Dreadspell Storm. These became the first Void Seers – powerful mages able to siphon energy from the tapestry, though not without a cost, as altering the tapestry is straining on the Void Seer’s mind. To ease this bourdon, the Void Seers carry crystal spheres, which allow them to enter a trance-like state at a moment’s notice.

Strengths: Void Seers are quite resilient thanks to an affinity for healing magic which allows them great adaptability for either solo or group play.

Unique Ability: Void Spheres

Bodyslots: Available from Soul Shop Orb Weaver Bass Bumawn


Cyclone Orb
5 Deal more damage with your next 8 attacks.
User Startable.

10 On hit by Melee Attacks, gain Infused [Melee] up to 8 times.
User Startable.

Infused [Melee]: Increases melee damage delt.

15 Nullifies Infused [Melee] on nearby enemies.
User Startable.

Infused [Melee]: Increases melee damage delt.

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