Ether Saga Dev Diary #4 - Reputation and Crafting

Posted Sat, Apr 11, 2009 by Cody Bye

As a player dives into Ether Saga Online, they might find themselves very involved in their character—so involved that they might miss other features ESO has to offer. Two features to make sure not to miss are the reputation and crafting systems.


Acquiring reputation will allow players to acquire better items and gear from Wehn, located at the top of the steps in Pokari. Reputation points can be obtained by exchanging diplomatic items. Diplomatic items, among other ways, can be obtained from random drops from monster fights. Once you have a diplomatic item, take it back to the Reputation agent (he is standing near Wehn). You cannot begin to work on reputation until level 20.

Some examples of reputation rewards are items to double your EXP for a short amount of time, bonus EXP for your pet, and an item to increase your success rate in pet melding. Reputation rewards are very valuable, so save your diplomatic items. To check your current level of reputation, click on the Virtue button from the character (‘c’) screen.


Free-to-play powerhouses Nexon and Perfect World join forces to create a new venture in Korea.

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