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Champions Online PvP: Keep on Fighting Till the End

Posted Thu, Apr 16, 2009 by Cody Bye

Developing quality PvP for any MMO game isn't a bed of roses, but there's a huge possibility that - if done right - a quality PvP experience could bring in a large batch of users for the title. So what do the developers at Cryptic Studios need to do to ensure that Champions Online's PvP is up to snuff? That's the question that Cody Bye tried to answer in this week's In the Trenches. Check it out!

And we heard more about the PvP system going into Champions Online at this year’s New York Comic-Con from Executive Producer Bill Roper. In this video, Bill talks about “The Arena” where players can go in and join an “underground movement” where players will receive specific items and abilities for facing off against each other. He also briefly mentions rankings and the whole concept becoming a “sports setting.”

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