Is Lore-Driven PvP the New Face of Sci-Fi MMOs?

By Reuben Waters -
Looking at the sci-fi genre in MMOs, a growing number of games dot the starry PvP skies. While only time will tell if any of them contain enough of the right mystical components or technological gadgetry to propel them into the stratosphere of success, there does seem to be a string of strong efforts being made to steer things in that direction. In his latest love letter to the universe disguised as a weekly sci-fi column, Reuben "Sardu" Waters takes a look at upcoming titles Global Agenda, Earthrise and Fallen Earth, examining ways in which they may very well shape the new face of sci-fi MMOs thanks to a more lore-driven, factional approach to PvP.

Dropping the PvE backdrop altogether has proven to be equally disastrous in some cases, a tragic tale Fury could tell quite well. True, the title’s demise could easily be attributed to any number of core gameplay considerations, but at the end of the day it’s equally possible that beyond the leaderboards, reward vendors and  transitory perks, a lore-driven framework is necessary as a means to drive continual conflict ever forward. After all, when the drums of war all sound the same there’s no way to distinguish one side of a conflict from the other.

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