DC Universe Online VIP Interview - The Devs Answer Your Questions

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Are you prepared to don your cape, slide on your tights, and adjust your mask? We sure hope you are because the Ten Ton Hammer staff recently received the answers to your DC Universe Online questions that a number of you posed in our Premium Member Forums. Specifically, the questions were answered by Wes Yanagi, Senior Producer for DC Universe Online, who took a few minutes from developing the game to make sure that there wasn't any confusion regarding the state of PvP play in DCUO, the formation of guilds, and a number of other inquiries that our DCUO fans came up with in our VIP interview thread.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will someone who usually plays typical MMOGs, such as EverQuest II, find the [console] controls in DC Universe Online easy to grasp and use? Or, the other way, if someone is used to a console, how will you make [PC controls] easy to use and grasp? (CelestialLord)

Yanagi: Well we’ve always made sure you can pick up and play with either a controller or a mouse and keyboard and have the UI switch on the fly, without any interruption to play.  This way, either platform can choose to play with whichever device they prefer.  This was also important to us to make sure we could have PC and PS3 players play with or against each other without any competitive edge going to either.

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