Ten Ton Hammer Exclusives: The Week in Review

By Reuben Waters -
This was certainly a milestone week for the fine folks over at NCSoft. Tuesday the 28th marked the 5th anniversary for City of Heroes, an MMO that’s still going strong and thanks to the recent Issue 14 Mission Architect update the game will no doubt continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Be sure to check out our exclusive fifth anniversary interview with Matt “Positron” Miller to learn more about the past, present and future of CoH!

Tuesday also marked the 4th anniversary for the highly successful Guild Wars franchise which recently surpassed the 6 million units mark. So hats off to NCSoft – here’s to another great year of MMO gaming!

Below you’ll find a handy collection of links to our exclusive features, interviews, game guides and more for the week of May 1st. So step into the Ten Ton Time Machine and take a whirlwind tour through an entire week of the absolute best in exclusive MMO content!

Exclusive Content: Features, Editorials, Interviews and More!

Comics: Geeked - "Super Failure"
Geeked - "Right to Protest"
Geeked - "Not Kid-Friendly"
Editorials: EVE Online: Sci-Fi Sharecroppers
Features: Global Agenda Fiction Pt. 2 - "The Cure for Life"
Fallen Earth: A Front Row Seat to the Apocalypse Pt. 1
WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull for 4.27.09
Free Realms to Become Everybody's Second Subscription?
Travel in DCUO: Do Superheroes Carpool?
IPs vs. Originality - Which is Better?
Images: Exclusive Free Realms Card Game Images
Exclusive Image Gallery for Aion's Gladiator Class
Interviews: Exclusive Aion Class Interview #1 - The Gladiator
DC Universe Online VIP Interview - The Devs Answer Your Questions
City of Heroes Fifth Anniversary Interveiw with Matt "Positron" Miller
Podcast: DDO Module 9 Loading... Live Podcast - Q&A Transcript Posted
Preview: Perfect World International "Age of Spirits" Dev Preview

Premium Content

Running the Marathon: A Look at Funcom’s Journey of Change - Ten Ton Hammer had a recent chance to talk to both Premium Members and Funcom representatives to take this epic tale of how the company has grown from Anarchy Online to Age of Conan and all they have learned in the process to help them unveil The Secret World in the most exciting fashion. Players weigh in on the early issues with Conan as well as mention its strong improvements over the course of the year. Funcom's Craig Morrison and Erling Ellingson give insight from inside the company as to what they have learned from the past and what they look forward to in the future.

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Exclusive MMO Game Guides

CoH/CoV: Beginner's Guide to the Mission Architect Pt. 1
EVE: Fitting Basics Guide
FR: Guide to Harvesting and Cooking in Free Realms
Bixies Gone Bad Quest Guide
LotRO: Your Guide to Playing Sauron's Minion - The Stalker
WoW: UI Mods for the Death Knight
UI Mods for the Hunter
UI Mods for the Paladin
UI Mods for the Priest
UI Mods for the Rogue
UI Mods for the Shaman
UI Mods for the Mage
UI Mods for the Warrior
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