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Guild Wars: Fourth Anniversary Event Recap

Posted Sun, May 03, 2009 by Sardu

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since I took my first official steps on Tyrian soil. I say ‘official’ steps due to the highly successful Beta Weekend Events leading up to the April 28th launch date for Guild Wars that helped cement my Unreal clan’s decision to throw down our guns and pick up staves and swords, determined to reign supreme in the Hall of Heroes just as we had on the war torn Unreal battlefields previously. This was an exciting time; a whole new virtual world sprawled out before us unlike anything the MMO market had ever seen.

Fourth Anniversary in Lion's Arch

While my initial guild inevitably shattered into splinter groups long before we could claim the highest rankings on the leaderboards, the Tyrian landscape continued to grow with a series of expertly crafted stand-alone campaigns, each of them providing a complete microcosm of weapons, armors and skills unique to their particular setting. Having recently announced that the franchise has surpassed 6 million units sold, it’s clear that the developers at ArenaNet have crafted one of the most beloved fantasy settings in online gaming.

Having been there to witness the start of the phenomenon, when it was announced that Guild Wars would be hosting an in-game celebration to mark the fourth anniversary I knew it was an event I wouldn’t want to miss. Besides, the seasonal events in Guild Wars have always been some of my favorites; just ask the friendly NPCs who are kind enough to hold onto my massive collection of hats, masks and zombie face paint that’s been handed out as rewards over the years.

Roller Beetle Racing 1

Speaking of rewards, there were plenty to be had during the week-long event, including a fresh batch of birthday miniatures awarded to each character turning 4 years old at midnight on the 28th. Naturally I logged directly in with my very first Necro that I created way back on launch day in 2005. Checking my inventory, sure enough there was a shiny new box there waiting to be opened which contained an awesome new Miniature Nian that I quickly placed in my Hall of Monuments.

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