Sins of a Solar Spymaster #10: Bastard's Bluff

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Play time's over, and now it's time to get to the nitty-gritty. For the last few weeks, The Mittani has been "playing nice" and showing everyone the softer, albeit still warfare-laden, side of EVE Online. No more. For this week's column, The Mittani gives a detailed account on how a simple exchange of threatening emails convinced an invading entity to stop attacking a Goonswarm-friendly alliance. The twist in the story comes at the end, so keep your eyes peeled!

First, steal everything not nailed down. A long-term GIA agent named Gobblock masterminded a theft of a tremendous amount of assets held by the executor corporation of IRC. A titan's worth of capital components, an entire capital fleet, scads of blueprints and multiple jump freighters were looted, totalling hundreds of billions of isk. Now we had some influence, a card I could play. I sent word through Gobblock, our now-burned spy, to ask the IRC leadership to contact me about working out a deal. If they pulled out of Insmother and withdrew in good faith, I'd arrange to give them their stolen assets back. If not, I'd have to get cranky.

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