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Perfect World Dev Diary #2 - The Genie System

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Last week, the Ten Ton Hammer staff published a brief Perfect World International developer diary that recapped the events of the last few months and teased players with a glimpse of the Genie System. In the second part of our developer diary series, the PWI folks open the treasure chest and give us a glimpse at these brightly-bloomed floating entities.

Genies can level up along with their masters. In addition to increasing their base stats, players can upgrade a Genie’s elemental affinity, with any of the five elements: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire. The elemental affinity will become important because different affinities will be the key to unlocking certain skills. Genies can have a maximum of 26 affinity points. If need be, a player can reset the Genie’s affinity points at the new NPC “Elemental Ambassador” in any of the five main cities.

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