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WAR Land of the Dead Premium Member Q&A

Updated Mon, May 18, 2009 by Ethec

Before we could stop them, Warhammer Online Creative Director Paul Barnett and Associate Producer Josh Drescher grabbed our list of Premium Member questions and ran with it. Luckily we caught the next nineteen minutes on video. Paul and Josh tackled questions from Arkane, Mordon, Yalyss, and Splen on the Karl Franz encounter, tokens, more DAoC-ness, more siege weapons, and many more of WAR's hottest topics. We have a little bonus footage of some of the coolest stuff we saw from the floor at Baltimore Games Day 2009 for you as well.

::pitch man voice:: But wait, there's more. Andraema, VasDrakken, and a few others had more questions, so we tracked down several other key Warhammer Online devs and staff to get you the best answers we could at the Baltimore Games Day '09 event. Here are their answers:

A dungeon dock in Land of the Dead.

Ten Ton Hammer: This wasn't a premium member question, but let me see if I can lead into one. What can you tell us about the live events related to Land of the Dead?

Mark Davis, Live Events Lead: This event [Rise of the Tomb Kings] is unlike any other event we've done before. Our other events have been very person-centric: "What do I get?" This time we're going to take a different approach - it's a realm event, it's a server-wide race between Order and Destruction. When you log in, you'll have your live event page as usual, you'll have your tome task on the right hand side, but on the left-hand side, rather than seeing your personal rewards, you'll have a scoreboard of Order and Destruction and a number of points.

Whoever has the highest number of points at the end of the week is going to get access to the Land of the Dead first - 24 hours unfettered access. From Gabe earlier you probably learned about cadence - we balance our rewards that way, knowing that you're not going to hold onto this dungeon for 3-4 days, you're going to get it for 3-4 hours. So you can imagine what 24 hours of unfettered access is going to do for you.

Ten Ton Hammer: What sorts of events and PQs will lead into this?

Mark Davis: You'll be doing public quests in the cities, where you'll see an airship that's nearly finished in construction and you need to make sure it gets launched. You'll also be doing a number of different tome tasks related to finding parts out on the battlefield, different depots of crashed crates, that sort of thing. All the other fun stuff that comes with live events, quests, killing other players, etc.

Ten Ton Hammer: One of our members, Mordon, noted that the city PQs are a bit boring and repetitive. Are these Rise of the Tomb Kings PQs meant to liven things up in the cities? Will you use live events to ramp up the excitement in these areas?

This will definitely do that. This public quest is unique - the first two stages are what we call "level agnostic" - it doesn't matter what level you are.

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