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Champions Online: Exclusive Powers and Customization Interview

Updated Thu, May 21, 2009 by Sardu

Super heroes are their powers. Without powers or gadgets, he or she is little more than a grown up toddler that’s pretending to be the masked vigilante. So even though there are plenty of initial customization options in Champions Online regarding costume and body type, it’s equally as important for the developers to present gamers with a extremely customizable set of options and initial powers to choose from. As the first in a series of exclusive interviews with CO’s Bill Roper, we sat down with the Cryptic leading-man to learn more about the powers in the game and what kind of options the gamers have in terms of customizability and making the “best” super hero.  

Ten Ton Hammer: Would you say that the power sets you’ve put together initially, from a gameplay standpoint would you say that they’re mostly thematic, or do they have some archetypes built into them too like melee DPS characters, ranged DPS, support or tank?

Bill Roper: They’re really mainly thematic. What we’re doing right now is filling out all the power sets with at least some control powers, some utility powers, so that you can really be able to pick and choose amongst the different power sets. The goal of that will be thematic. Now, some of them are going to lend themselves more to melee obviously if you’re taking martial arts powers, or ranged attacks. But really you can use any of the different power sets to construct whatever type of character you’re trying to play, or whatever role you’re trying to assume.

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