The Chronicles of Spellborn: High House Selection Guide

You’ve fought your way through countless hordes of Ousted, decided upon a discipline within your archetype of choice (Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior) and even managed to complete the
You’ve fought your way through countless hordes of Ousted, decided upon a discipline within your archetype of choice (Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior) and even managed to complete the Kestel Run in record time. All the while you’ve no doubt heard whispers from the eclectic mix of NPCs you’ve met on your journeys about the five High Houses; the distinct branches of the Enclave which you’ve dutifully served since first stepping off the shardship at Hawk’s Landing.

Unlike the more artificial, or tacked on approach to factions present in many MMOs, the High Houses are tied to nearly all aspects of gameplay to varying degrees - a fact made all the more pertinent as you advance your way to level nine which is when you can begin the process of deciding which High House you want to align yourself with. As this is truly a milestone of character advancement that will have a direct impact on the future of your character, we’ve put together the following guide to five High Houses in The Chronicles of Spellborn; Maul, Rune, Shroud, Silver and Torque.

High House Selection – Getting Started

Upon hitting Fame Level nine you’ll have the opportunity to embark on a series of quests that will culminate in not only granting you access to a potentially eventful shardship journey to Quarterstone, a city which dwarfs Hawksmouth in nearly every aspect, but will open up the rest of Spellborn’s various Shards for exploration and ultimately ally you with one of the five main High Houses of the Enclave. You’ll be alerted that it’s time to begin your journey by one of the game’s handy tutorial windows which offers the following brief description of what the process is all about:

Around the time you reach the ninth Fame Level, you will be allowed to join one of the five High Houses of the Enclave. The choice is permanent and will influence Quests. Be aware that certain events are exclusive to a certain High House. If you want to play these with friends, be sure you and your friends all join the same High House.

Once you have completed the associated Quest Chain you will be sent to Quarterstone where you can finish your registration at the Palace District allowing you unrestricted use of shardship travel to any of the Shards.

Before sending you off to Aldenvault Village to speak with Lieutenant Commander Stalwart though, here are a few useful bits of information that should prove useful in your coming journey:

  • A high PeP (Personal Experience Point) rank will be your best friend here, as the initial quest involves a good deal of running. While this isn’t entirely necessary, I found it exceedingly beneficial to attain at least PeP rank three to gain the 20% boost to run speed. This will dramatically reduce the time spent scurrying back and from to the various Houses!
  • Interested in creating or joining a guild but worried about how it might impact High House selection? Fear not! Guilds can consist of any mix of players allied with the five Houses – after all, they are all part of the Enclave. Any such restrictions will be entirely player-controlled, such as a heavy RP guild that wants to keep membership limited to a specific House.
  • An exception to the above rule might come into play if you’re planning on spending your time in Spellborn on the PvP server. In that case, High House selection will dictate who you’re able to freely attack (you can’t attack members of the same High House), so it’s a good idea to find other players who might be interested in the same House before diving headfirst into creating or joining a new guild. Unless of course you’re considering joining House Shroud, in which case it might be natural for members to occasionally stab one another in the back!
  • While not overly restrictive, High House selection is a permanent decision, much like Discipline selection at Fame Level five. Unlike Disciplines though, you do have the opportunity to abandon the initial quest given by the individual Houses before completion, which will allow you to begin the Initiation quest line for another House.
  • Two of the Houses (Silver and Torque) are located back in Hawksmouth. While you’re there for the introductory quest The High Houses, it’s a good idea to stop by the local shops to pick up your second Body Slot item if you haven’t already done so. These become available for use at Fame Level 10, so having it in your backpack and ready to use can save you an extra trip later on!
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the two initial quests – Time to Choose and The High Houses – are optional. In other words, if you already have a specific House in mind, you can always skip over these intro quests and head there directly to pick up the first Initiation quest. If you don’t mind a bit of running, or otherwise want to poke around the five High Houses before making your decision, your efforts will be rewarded with 2710 Fame (the amount gained upon completion at Fame Level nine) – not too shabby for what comes down to a bit of exploration all things considered!

Speaking of the two intro quests, it’s time we head on over to Aldenvault Village and pay a visit to Lieutenant Commander Stalwart who has an introductory quest to get you started on the path to High House selection!

Time to Choose and The High Houses

Commander Stalwart

Lieutenant Commander
QUEST: Time to Choose
OBTAINED AT: Aldenvault Village
REWARD: 1355 Fame
DESCRIPTION: Commander Stalwart sure does love handing out quests that lead you to a second NPC who offers you a follow-up quest, and Time to Choose is no exception. After providing a brief overview on what High House selection is all about, the Commander will ask you to speak with a neutral party – Enclave Delegate Mitran Tam - for more details, since the Commander himself belongs to House Maul and wouldn’t want his personal bias to influence your decision.

I’m not allowed to say anything about this because I could influence you, being from Maul and all, but there’s a person that’s far better at telling you about them, and that’s Mitran Tam.

He’s an Enclave Delegate here in Aldenvault and you can find him near the well. Give him my Order document and he’ll guide you further should you wish to know more.

QUEST: The High Houses
OBTAINED AT: Aldenvault Village
REWARD: 2710 Fame
DESCRIPTION: Once you hand over the Order document from Lieutenant Commander Stalwart, Enclave Delegate Mitran Tam will offer you a follow-up quest intended to introduce you to each of the five High Houses. This one involves a fair amount of running, as completion is dependent upon speaking to a member from each House, but by the time you’re finished you should have at least a general understanding of the role each one plays in Enclave.

All you have to do is travel to the five High House structures on Parliament. House Rune, Shroud and Maul can be found here on the Midlands, while Silver and Torque are stationed in Hawksmouth.

Talk to the House Ambassador of each of the Houses to learn something about their agenda and their proposed future for the Enclave. Keep in mind though that not everything is as it seems. The Houses have quarreled before and they will stop at nothing to…insult…the other Houses if the opportunity arises.”

Mitran Tam

Enclave Delegate Mitran Tam

House Maul

OFFICIAL LORE: While it is often seen as the High House for those who favor brawn over brain, House Maul is actually more than that. Having awarded itself the title Protector of the Enclave, House Maul is the first line of defense in many a situation. They do focus on physical combat, but they also develop new strategic initiatives, sophisticated weaponry and research magic to promote healthcare. Of course House Maul thinks actions speak louder than words and as such may often find themselves at odds with the more 'literate' Houses who do not like to get their hands dirty.

As far as House Maul is concerned, getting one's hands dirty is what has kept the Enclave from falling. And as long as it exists the Enclave will remain protected.

Ilas Shardborn

House Ambassador Ilas Shardborn
RELATED QUEST: The High Houses
LOCATION: House Maul, Midland
DESCRIPTION: A militant House through and through, House Maul will take every opportunity to remind members of the Enclave that it’s thanks to their protection that the Enclave continues to exist at all. While there’s a measured amount of truth to these claims, House Maul tends to be all brawn and no brains, leaving politicking and strategizing to the other Houses.

We protect those that are incapable of fending for themselves. We make sure that the Enclave can live in relative peace without being invaded by the horrors that lurk within the Dreadspell Storm or those foolish enough to resist our might.

Speaking with House Ambassador Ilas Shardborn will give you credit towards completion of The High Houses.

LOCATION: House Maul, Midland
DESCRIPTION: If you decide to ally with House Maul, you’ll want to speak to Guardmaster Mirage Noctis who offers the initiation quest Test of Might. True to form, becoming an Initiate of House Maul involves busting some Ousted skulls as a means of testing your prowess in battle. The Guardmaster puts it quite eloquently in the following quote:

Always be ready for anything that comes your way, and then hit it over the head and slice it in half.

Sounds like the perfect description of what I want you to do. I have received some reports about Ousted Insurgents roaming in the south-eastern parts of Aldenvault; the ones near Wagonwood.

I want you to, how shall I put it… bash their skulls in?

Upon completion of this quest, you will be an Initiate of House Maul.
Mirage Noctis

Guardmaster Mirage Noctis

House Rune

OFFICIAL LORE: House Rune craves knowledge in any form. Initially a part of the Deadspell Alliance, House Rune decided to stay with the remaining Houses instead, for too much had changed that needed proper research first. As the Great Collapse had shifted the magical spectrum, House Rune initially focused on rediscovering the essence of magic that had changed so fundamentally, leading many to think that House Rune consists solely out of mages. Instead they consist out of scholar in every field. Whether they are warriors, spellcasters or rogues, those who want to propel their profession into the future usually join House Rune and help support the fountain of knowledge that springs within their ranks.

To Rune knowledge is what will drive the Enclave forward. That knowledge can come at a price, but House Rune is very willing to pay each and every copper for it.

Peyache Ponoine

House Ambassador Peyache Ponoine
RELATED QUEST: The High Houses
LOCATION: House Rune, Midland
DESCRIPTION: If House Maul is all about brawn before brains, then you could consider House Rune to be somewhat the polar opposite, standing for thought before action. House Rune is all about the accumulation of knowledge above all else. As such, though Rune is a House of intellectuals, they tend to leave the political strategizing of the Enclave to House Torque in favor of collecting all forms of knowledge, “for the betterment of the Enclave”.

We excel at research and studies; revealing new discoveries and secrets of old. Whether it is magic or mechanics, we gather knowledge for the good of the people.

Of course that is only the beginning. We not only gather knowledge, we apply it as well. Shardships? We devised those. Ankhlights? Our invention. Of course we also employ our knowledge elsewhere like in combat. The Red Lodge being a prime example of how knowledge and research into the old and new can create superior fighting abilities.”

Speaking with House Ambassador Peyache Ponoine will give you credit towards completion of The High Houses.

LOCATION: House Rune, Midland
DESCRIPTION: Chamberlain Sprytt Temackine certainly likes to take digs at House Maul whenever possible, and will no doubt attempt to remind you of his supposedly ‘superior’ intellect. As a veritable House of ‘intellectuals’, it’s only fitting that your Right of Initiation into House Rune involves simply familiarizing yourself with the House itself while collecting signatures from the deans of the various House departments on a Sign Card as described below:

It’s wise to introduce yourself to the deans of the departments here; Dean Pickforts of the Rune Department, Dean Atcenum of the Soul Department and Dean Walexy of the Spirit Department. Since you need to familiarize yourself with the Rune High House, I won’t tell you where you can find them. Bring me their signatures on this Sign Card and we’ll discuss your real assignments.”

Upon completion of this quest you will be an initiate of House Rune.
Sprytt Temackine

Chamberlain Sprytt Temackine

House Shroud

OFFICIAL LORE: The oldest High House by anyone's reckoning House Shroud feels like a caring father to the other Houses, often taking up the role as advisers in council. They often provide a second opinion on matters and manage to acquire information and truths of old forgotten times that can prove crucial at any time. House Shroud never puts itself in the spotlight, yet prefers to remain backstage guiding the other Houses with knowledge, wisdom, experience and much, much more.

That they have a team of elite operatives at their disposal is merely an unsubstantiated rumor. After all, House Shroud's main operation is maintaining a smoothly running postal service. Anything else would be pure speculation in the eye of the beholder. Got that?

Mirna Keldran

House Ambassador Mirna Keldran
RELATED QUEST: The High Houses
LOCATION: House Shroud, Midland
DESCRIPTION: House Shroud has a single primary concern; safeguarding the strength and versatility of House Shroud itself. Mild mannered postal workers on the surface, even this aspect of House Shroud is little more than dazzle camouflage as the true aim here is to have their hands in the mail coming out of and heading towards the other Houses. This allows House Shroud to stay one step ahead of their enemies… well, most of the time, anyway!

Without our continued strength and without a healthy hierarchy, the Enclave will fall anyway. We want to gather more information about our enemies, our past and about anything that sounds interesting. If that means more stealthy approaches, well, so be it!

Speaking with House Ambassador Mirna Keldran will give you credit towards completion of The High Houses.

: Prove Your Worth
LOCATION: House Shroud, Midland
DESCRIPTION: The Right of Initiation for House Shroud involves intercepting the Crimson Courier who has important documents intended for House Silver. Naturally House Shroud is feeling left out of the loop and won’t stand for secret plans to be delivered without finding out exactly what House Silver is financially supporting. All you need to do is knock the courier out and deliver the secret plans to a Shroud agent who will be awaiting your arrival as described below:

The plans are being carried to their High House in Hawksmouth as we speak by a courier dressed in red. I have no name for you, but I know that he should arrive at the Aldengate structure any time now. From there he’ll enter Hawksmouth Town.

Knock him out and grab the plans, since you are not aligned to any of the houses yet, he won’t be able to recognize you. There are enough recruits running around as it is.

I do want you to make sure you are not followed and then bring the plans to Lotha Inerad at Eqatt’s Farm near the Aldengate structure and I don’t have to tell you to keep this between us, now do I?

Upon completion of this quest you will be an initiate of House Shroud.

Darsius Nehra

Chamberlain Darsius Nehra

House Silver

OFFICIAL LORE: One of the younger High Houses, House Silver emerged quite literally from trade. They amassed such wealth that it was impossible to exclude them from any decision-making. Initially seen as a nuisance because of it, House Silver proved pivotal in getting the economy of the Enclave up and running and they continue to do so. House Silver consists out of three separate entities: the Scales of Habitat, the Scales of Storms and the Scales of Trade. Together they govern taxes and housing, transportation and trade respectively for the Enclave. Of course the one problem with having wealth is that one always wants more of it and House Silver is no exception.

According to House Silver attaining monetary funds is paramount to the stability of the Enclave and to secure its future.

Lornedus Mintster

House Ambassador Lornedus Mintster
RELATED QUEST: The High Houses
LOCATION: House Silver, Hawksmouth
DESCRIPTION: As the name suggests, House Silver is the beating pulse of trade in the Enclave. It only takes a quick glance around the lavish interior of this particular house, with its numerous sculptures, fountains and giant piles of coin to know that House Silver means business when it comes to conducting business! For those players more interested in tracking their achievements at the auction house more so than on the battle field, this is certainly the House for you.

We control the flow of money and goods within the Enclave and provide transportation between the Shards. But we also provide entertainment for the masses and at the same time train a new group of freelancers to be deployed by the Enclave at times of need.

Speaking with House Ambassador Lornedus Mintster will give you credit towards completion of The High Houses.

LOCATION: House Silver, Hawksmouth
DESCRIPTION: It seems that House Silver has been having trouble of late getting certain financial documents delivered to them. Apparently someone keeps knocking out their courier and taking off with the documents before they arrive each time. Hmm… I wonder who could possibly be responsible… *glances knowingly at Darsius Nehra from House Silver*

Whenever money is involved we rely on excellent communication between all parties involved. For some reason though, we seem to be having some trouble getting certain financial documents here. A lot of trouble even. Each time one of those couriers set foot on the docks, some rascal knocks him down and takes off with the documents. Quite maddening, really. If only we knew who was behind this… But that’s another problem.

Go to the Crimson Courier at Hawksmouth Docks, claim his documents in the name of House Silver and bring them back to me. Watch your back though; if those couriers can be attacked so can you.

Upon completion of this quest you will be an initiate of House Silver.
Zerus Stoth

Chamberlain Zerus Stoth

House Torque

OFFICIAL LORE: House Torque has a long tradition of political leadership to uphold. Commonly regarded as the bureaucrats of the Enclave, their history is also steeped in heroism. Many of the heroes of mankind were supplied by House Torque. Whether it’s Bartion Mornex’s Ancestral endeavors in saving the Allied Houses from failure against the Vhelgar or Graidlon Marrow’s selfless sacrifice to give birth to the Enclave, these heroes hail from Torque. The High House does like everything to be maintained in an orderly fashion and as such they are the driving force behind many laws and policies (including the Law of Ousting) and their upholding through officials.

To Torque it is clear that without good leadership and a proper society, the Enclave would not exist and as such it will do anything within its power to keep the Enclave as a shining example of civilization.

Ortolph Dehend

House Ambassador Ortolph Dehend
RELATED QUEST: The High Houses
LOCATION: House Torque, Hawksmouth
DESCRIPTION: In much the same way House Maul believes any conflict can be settled with a hefty sword or House Silver believes there’s nothing you can’t resolve with the proper funds, House Torque prefers to settle conflict through negotiation, avoiding bloodshed whenever possible. Indeed, it’s thanks to House Torque that many of the current laws meant to strengthen the solidity of the Enclave exist at all. Then again, be sure to ask the next Ousted you see what their views are on Enclave solidity and you’ll no doubt hear a different side of things.

The future is bright as long as the Enclave remains whole. We at House Torque believe in maintaining a tight grip on the Enclave and to make sure that whatever happens, the citizens of the Enclave can live in freedom and peace without endless wars and years of conflict.

Speaking with House Ambassador Ortolph Dehend will give you credit towards completion of The High Houses.

INITATION QUEST: Alliance of Words
LOCATION: House Torque, Hawksmouth
DESCRIPTION: It seems that House Silver isn’t the only House that’s reluctant to allow important documents to slip into the hands of House Shroud’s postal workers. The Right of Initiation for House Torque involves sending you to various locations in and around Hawksmouth to deliver four letters to individuals who have been known to harbor ill intent towards the Enclave as a single entity as described below:

The first letter is to Theran Allbark. You can find him over at Mahethiu Svenie’s naira farm to the east of Hawksmouth.

The second letter is for Lorus Gray, one of the merchants at Hawksmouth Marketplace.

The third letter is to be brought to Lisana Bork. She has been seen picking mushrooms near the Lumberyard in Hawk’s Wall just outside Hawksmouth.

The fourth letter is for a man within Hawksmouth; goes by the name Tirel Desa. Usually hangs around the Silver High House, might even join them I think.

Return here after you have delivered the letters. I am anxious to hear what they think about our proposal.

Upon completion of this quest you will be an initiate of House Torque.
Larion Pasti

Master of Ceremonies Larion Pasti

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