Champions Online: E3 Preview with Bill Roper

By Reuben Waters -
One of the staples of the super hero genre, travel powers typically come in all shapes and sizes. From summoned objects that grant the ability to move at blazing fast speeds to bursting into flames and quite literally blazing your way across the four-color skies of your imagination, travel powers are nearly as synonymous with comic book heroes as is the concept of running through the city dressed in brightly colored spandex. These types of powers and more were discussed at E3 this week in a Champions Online preview with Bill Roper from Cryptic Studios, and Ten Ton Hammer was there to get all the juicy details!

The one crafted device we got a close look at was a steel disk that flies the hero around the city. Players can also attack and fight from the top of the disk giving some strong ranged combat options. In opposition to the metal flying menace some players will have access to a flying carpet when using the Mystic crafting ability. Players will sit comfortably in a meditation position as they whisk off to fight the bad guys attacking the city. Another idea on travel was a giant ball that players can roll around in moving at high speeds to solve their missions faster.

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