Ether Saga Online: Launch Update Preview

By Reuben Waters -
As the successful open beta period that began on March 17th winds to a close, the developers at Perfect World Entertainment are busy preparing for the official launch of Ether Saga Online, which will coincide with a major content update due to hit the live servers in the coming weeks. In a brief interview with producer Craig Beers we learned the details on what the newest update will add to the game, including an increased level cap, new skills and more.

When asked about the diversity of pets currently available in ESO, Craig explained, “There’s no one pet that’s better than everything else. Every pet is just as valuable as another, so all the level 80s or 90s monsters will be just as good. The fun part is just running through a city and seeing everybody with a different pet; it’s not just all cookie-cutter.” Currently there are nine different monster types in the game, four of which can be tamed. While there won’t be any new monster types added in the upcoming patch, that’s one of the big things on Craig’s radar to work on once ESO goes live.

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