Aion: Exclusive Beta Screens from Asmodae

Updated Mon, Jun 22, 2009 by Sardu

With the second closed beta event for NCSoft’s upcoming Aion, players were invited to check out Asmodae, otherwise known as the homeland of the Asmodians. The lands that the Asmodians call home make for an interesting contrast to the sunny environs of the Elyos which were the focal point of the first in a series of weekend events leading up to launch. While the early Elyos zones have a distinct Pre-Searing Ascalon feel, the Asmodian zones are an interesting blend of Ashenvale’s vibrant hues contrasted with the earthiness of Middle Earth, a sprinkling of ice-capped peaks thrown into the mix for good measure.

While points of reference are all fine and good, what’s even better is screenshots! So be sure to take a gander at our freshest batch of exclusive Aion screens from this weekend’s closed beta event, recently added to our galleries for your viewing enjoyment!

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