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Aion Class Guide: The Sorcerer

Updated Sat, Dec 05, 2009 by Dalmarus

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer class follows a very natural path of progression from the Mage archetype. Rather than being saddled with the same old spells and a spiffy new pet like the Spiritmaster, you can now focus all of your efforts into bending the weave of the universe to your will. The destruction you were able to wreak as a mere mortal mage doesn’t remotely compare to the hell you’ll learn to unleash upon your foes as an immortal Sorcerer.  

Extremely high DPS (ranged)
Multiple "Get out of jail free" abilities
Less gear dependent than other archetypes

Very slow auto attack
Hobos have better armor
Slow mana regeneration

Words to still live by
"Kill or be killed... quickly."

Yay! I’m a Sorcerer… now gimmee.

The first thing you’ll receive is your choice of a new weapon. Up until now, you’ve been forced to flip open a spellbook, waggle your fingers, and zap some enemies. Now you can choose between another spellbook and a new weapon type: an orb.

Given all the information available to you in the description of both, it looks as though you would be a fool not to choose the Orb of Karma. The Orb does more damage, has better stats (minus the Magical Accuracy), and let’s face facts; everyone likes to play with something new.

Sounds great, right? Guess what though. You should take the Spellbook of Karma instead. On paper, this looks like a boneheaded idea of the first order. There’s just one disturbing little fact the description of both items fails to mention. The Orb is a close range (as in melee distance) weapon. This works perfectly for a Spiritmaster, but for the Sorcerer, it’s a near-suicidal mistake. The Spellbook is a ranged weapon, just like you’ve been using all along, so grab it and be happy.

Where Are My New Spells?

Once the thrill and excitement of your recent ascension wears off, you’ll quickly begin to realize you’re little more than a glorified Mage at this stage of your development. While you may not get a lot of new spells, you have grown in power so don’t get too depressed. The treasures of the future are just around the corner.

At level 10, your method of hunting should not vary at all from your days as a Mage. Even though you’re using the same techniques, you do have a couple of new abilities (Herb and Mana Treatments) to do it with. Flame Bolt II is an upgraded version of Flame Bolt I (duh!) and packs a meaner punch. It works exactly the same way and will also trigger your Blaze chain attack.


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