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Could "Nemesis Online" be in Cryptic's Future?

Updated Wed, Jul 15, 2009 by Savanja

G4 recently sat down with Champions Online Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert to talk about the highly anticipated hero MMOG. Jack shares about the nemesis system and discusses that a "Nemesis Online" could be something Cryptic eventually does.

G4: So, if you were to make – I don’t know what the opposite of Champions Online would be –

JE:, Nemesis Online.

G4: Nemesis Online! Is that something you've talked about?

JE Yes, we have. Look, if Champions is successful and people want that, heck yea. But, I think that I already have a very different idea in mind for that. I think in City of Villains, we were asked to make the game in about a year, and so we were kind of focused on “We gotta get this done.” So, we just took the template of City of Heroes and copied it. If I were to do it over again, I would create a very different type of gameplay for villain worlds.

G4: Speaking of it being successful, when you’re launching an MMO, like how many subscribers do you need in order to survive or thrive?

JE: Well, I think that number is the number for success is over 100,000 for us. If it’s over 100,000, I’m skipping the light fantastic. The break-even point is somewhere below 100,000. And that’s obviously depending upon – every MMO is different – depending on how much money is spent on it. But, clearly, we mark 100,000 as success.

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