Wolf Team Publisher Post - Team Deathmatch

Posted Thu, Jul 16, 2009 by Cody Bye

Welcome to the Publisher’s Notes on Game Modes in Wolf Team! I work for Aeria Games, and strangely enough with the gaming industry being what it is, more people at the office know me as GMValkyrie than by my real name.

Since Aeria acquired Wolf Team, our team has been exploring all the different ways to kill one another (and having a blast doing so I might add). After exhausting several possibilities, we decided we should share our experiences! We have been offered an opportunity to tell you more about the various game modes of Wolf Team. DeathMatch seems like a good starting point, since most First-Person Shooter fans are familiar with kill-accumulation gameplay (who doesn’t love a good shoot-em-up?), and it is also among the most popular Modes in Wolf Team.

All WolfTeam game modes are team-based, with players being assigned to either the Red or Blue Team. The goal of DeathMatch is also team-based, with two ways to win. Weaker players can still take part in the win if their team carries the victory! To win, a team must either reach a kill goal before the time limit expires or if the goal is not reached, be in the lead when the timer runs out. When each Game Room is created and before the game starts, the Room Master has the option to set or change the kill goal (40 - 160) as well as the time limit (10 – 40 minutes), as well as choosing the game’s map.

DeathMatch has nine available maps that offer a variety of environments. Most maps are capable of keeping any type of player happy, from the sniper to the rush-happy slaughter fiend (that’d be me). The maps not only vary in size, but also strategic layout, design, level of pretty, and cover available. The smaller maps can become crowded quickly with an 8 vs 8 match (max), while larger maps make solo matches nerve-wracking hunting grounds. Personally I prefer more targets, especially if I can loot some grenades from the fallen!  Wolf Team also gives DeathMatch players an opportunity to score higher “kill” points for their team, because if you’re the top dog (or wolf), killing YOU is worth two points to the other team!
Being able to transform into werewolves provides additional qualities to this fast-paced game mode.  Every player in DeathMatch can transform into a werewolf as a melee option, gaining speed, agility, and the ability to run along walls and pounce mercilessly at their foes. Wolves are much more adaptive to tight quarters than human soldiers, and I have lost track of the number of times I rushed around a corner in pursuit only to die at the claws of an enemy wolf. It provides plenty of incentive to slow down and be a little cautious, while adding a visceral adrenaline rush when you gun down a charging beast or leap off a wall and claw an opponent to death.   Another unique aspect is that when you play as a wolf your camera view becomes 3rd person which gives you an advantage to being able to see around corners.

Until next time, be sure to stay one step ahead of the pack, preserve your skin, and keep the headshots coming!  Join our Open Beta by visiting the Wolf Team website.

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