Jade Dynasty Dev Journal: Guide to Player Crafting

Posted Mon, Jul 20, 2009 by Cody Bye

The Ten Ton Hammer staff has received the latest dev journal from the folks at Perfect World Entertainment, and this time the article focuses on crafting with your pet in their newest game, Jade Dynasty. While it may sound strange at first, pet crafting sounds like an intriguing system that cuts through a lot of the extra effort many crafters go through to make their equipment.

Each pet will have a different adeptness for a certain type of crafting. This is represented by agreen bar within a pet’s craft status. A pet with a Woodworking score of 15/100 will have a more successful Foraging attempt for a wood item than a Fishing score of 1/100 for a fishing item. Once you have acquired multiple pets, you will be able to send the most adept for each Foraging job. When your pet is set to Foraging, he will not be summoned and accompanying you—you cannot have a pet both Forage and aid you in combat at the same time.


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