Dragonica Online Introductory Interview from Comic-Con '09

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Free-to-play games are nothing new to most MMO fans. We've been hearing about and playing these games since Nexon introduced maple story back near the turn of the century. Still, the concept is still new to some MMO players, and those are the folks that THQ*ICE is hoping to bring to their stable with Dragonica Online. Although Ten Ton Hammer had seen screenshots of the game, we'd never seen it in action until we caught a glimpse of it - and asked some questions - from the show floor of Comic-Con '09!

Ten Ton Hammer: What kind of customization options do you have available?

The character options are a little limited to begin with, but the in-game costume options are pretty much endless. Basically, you can have the equipment that your character is wearing be visible, or you can wear something on top of that armor/robes. Those are typically our cash shop items: we've got a track suit, a ninja outfit, a maid wardrobe, and headpieces that look like sushi rolls. Very, very outlandish stuff, and the best part is you still get the benefit of whatever gear you're wearing underneath all of that.

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