LOTRO From Past to Present – A Look at the Books 9-11

By Stacy Jones -

The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) has received a lot of new content, mechanics, and features since it's launch. This can make returning players feel like newbs all over again as they readjust and try to learn all the new content and changes that have been introduced to the game. This week Ten Ton Hammer examines the content introduced with Books 9 through 11 in the first of a series of articles aimed at bringing new and returning players up to speed on all the LOTRO content.

The developers at Turbine got a little creative with this update as they gave players the option to play as a chicken in what they called “Session Play”. You heard me right, I said a chicken. Just avoid getting choked by the enemies… and I promise not to use that joke again.

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