Exploring Lore - Understanding the Story Behind Aion

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Most gamers who have an interest in Aion know the basics--Aion is a game that pits angel-like beings against demon-like beings in a post-cataclysmic fantasy realm. But a deeper understanding of the game world you're about to inhabit can lead to a richer experience, especially in a game with lore as compelling as Aion's. We've prepared a summary that wraps everything you need to know about thousands of years of Aion lore into a tidy nutshell.

But before we go anywhere, let's clear up one simple issue that plagues many a gamer trying to talk about the game with friends face-to-face: how the heck do you say "Aion?" Our good friends at NCSoft tell us that it is pronounced EYE-ahn. We'll give you other pronunciation clues as we lead you through the story of Aion. Let's proceed.

Get to know the story behind Aion!
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