An Advanced Guide to Crafting in Aion

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If there's one piece of the MMO puzzle that has the potential to cause more confusion than any other, itÂ’s the crafting system. Some games take a simplistic approach, some complex, and others make you feel like a monkey staring at a math problem. Each method attracts its own group of fanatical devotees. The crafting system within Aion isn't complex, but it does require a little explaining. In answer to that need, Dalmarus has continued his exploration of Aion's crafting system to bring readers this second guide.

Work orders are the best (and only viable) method of increasing your skills. In theory, you could indeed gather everything you needed to create enough items from recipes you have found or bought to max out your skills. What may appear to be doable on paper is a far cry from the reality of the situation though.

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