Champions Online Innate Talent Selection Guide

By Reuben Waters -

The concept of character customization has been taken to unparalleled extremes in Champions Online. Not content to merely allow players to create the visual style of a hero to their liking, Cryptic has gone the extra mile to truly immerse players in nearly every aspect of what shapes their character’s overall role in a world threatened by countless supervillains.

One such means of shaping your hero is the use of Innate Talents, also known as Characteristics. While you have the option to select a pre-defined Framework for your character from the get-go, you may also build a custom framework which includes the ability to choose the exact characteristic you want your new hero to begin their adventures with.To help demystify this process for the would-be heroes among you, we’ve put together a complete guide to the innate talent options in Champions Online, as well as a brief look at the 8 core stats they’ll ultimately affect.

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