Aion In-Depth Class Interview - The Cleric

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Over the last few months, Ten Ton Hammer has brought you the in-depth details – straight from the mouths of the developers at NCsoft – concerning the eight major classes in Aion, NCsoft’s upcoming fantasy-themed MMO. Today we continue our interview series with the Cleric class! Again, we sat down with Associate Producer Lani Blazier, and she gave us all the info we desired regarding the playability of the Cleric in groups, solo, and even some strategies on how to excel with this particular healer. Check it out!

Ten Ton Hammer: Throughout various games, healers have been notoriously difficult to solo because their damage output tends to be low. How has Aion avoided this pitfall? Will the Cleric be a viable choice for soloing?

The Cleric is absolutely, unequivocably viable when soloing. In my opinion, it’s easy to solo with a Cleric. It just takes a little longer to down a monster because, yes, a Cleric’s damage per second is lower. However, if you are having a problem soloing with a Cleric, you have missed the most fundamental thing about your character being a Cleric—it can heal itself.

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