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Champions Online: Monster Island Revealed

By Reuben Waters -

Monster Island is one of the higher level areas in Champions Online which formerly served as the base of operations for Dr. Moreau’s twisted experiments on animals. The mad doctor’s work not only produced the strange Manimals – creatures that are part human, part animal – that still roam the island jungle to this day, but also helped create the Champions’ very own Dr. Silverback. Did I mention that there’s also a semi-active volcano on the island as well?

The official Champions site was recently updated with an interesting look at these and many more details about Monster Island as seen through the eyes of none other than Dr. Silverback himself. It’s definitely an interesting read for anyone curious to learn more of the setting’s rich lore.

You have noticed, no doubt, the strange nature of my friends. Manimals, they are called. I, well I am merely a brilliant gorilla. But they are something neither fully animal nor fully human in form. They, just as I, are creations of the mad Dr. Moreau. And they, just as I, have rejected his criminal ways.

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