Torchlight Screens and Concept Art from PAX 2009

Posted Mon, Sep 07, 2009 by Sardu

I’ve always wondered why it’s called a “dungeon crawl” when more often than not you spend your time walking, running or fighting your way through multi-leveled dungeons in search of either treasure or trouble rather than slowly inching your way forward on your hands and knees. It seems like crawling through a dungeon would get boring fairly quickly, and don’t even get me started on how many pair of pantaloons you’d no doubt go through – the repair bills alone would be so astronomical that all that treasure you went off adventuring to discover would disappear into the hands of the local smiths and tailors before you even get the chance to brush all the cobwebs and dust out of your hair.

Torchlight from Runic Games kicks the pace of dungeon crawls into overdrive thanks to a simple interface and visually appealing approach to combat and environments. From what I was able to experience of the game on the PAX show floor this weekend, Torchlight has plenty of potential to be an incredibly absorbing game once it’s released this October. Between the randomly generated maps, compelling class progression and the richly featured level editor that comes bundled with the game there’s plenty of cool things to look forward to hacking and slashing your way through.

While Torchlight will initially include roughly 30 level’s worth of content, players will be able to advance all the way up to level 100. One of the ways this can be achieved is by delving into the depths of what is essentially a bottomless dungeon located at the center of town. And thanks to some cleverly located traveling merchants and the ability to use travel scrolls to head back to town quickly, you need not worry about lost progression should you find your inventory is getting full. You'll also be able to send your trusty canine companion back to town to sell your loot at any given point which makes these beasts much more than a simple sidekick.

All told Torchlight offers a quick, fun gaming experience so long as you enjoy the style of isometric, click-to-move content the game offers. But what’s truly remarkable is what a relatively small development team has managed to produce in only 11 months. Once Torchlight ships, Runic will be diving back into the development dungeons, this time to begin working on their MMOG which will be set in more of the overland areas of the single-player game's setting.

In the meantime, do yourself a favor and give Torchlight a look – we’ve even made it easy for you to do exactly that by adding in a massive batch of screenshots and concept art to our galleries for your viewing enjoyment!

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