Fallen Earth: Exclusive Interview on Factions, Beta and Beyond

By Reuben Waters -

This past weekend at PAX 2009 the Ten Ton Hammer ground crew had the opportunity to speak with Lee Hammock, the lead designer for upcoming indie MMOG Fallen Earth to discuss the recent open beta as well as what the studio has planned for the game after the official launch later this month. We covered a wide range of topics, so whether you’re a seasoned beta vet or simply looking for your next great gaming fix there’s plenty of great Fallen Earth info to be found in this exclusive interview.

Ten Ton Hammer: Would you say your content focus moving forward is primarily going to be on adding in new sectors, or will you be expanding any of the current sectors as well?

Lee Hammock: We’re going to be doing both. We basically broke the content department into four teams. We have two dev teams currently working on sector 4. Then we have a systems team which handles all the crafting, weapon balance and special abilities and supports the dev teams working on sector 4 in terms of all the new items you’ll need for 15 more levels of play. And then you have the live team which fixes bugs and does live events as well as expanding content in sectors 1 through 3. So we’ve already got some plans for new encounters and new levels we’re going to add. So we’re not only going to be adding new things at the end and raising the cap, but we’re also going to be adding some content back towards the beginning as well.

We also have some plans for a long term PvP system where you can effectively play a “bad guy”. Early on you can basically decide that you’re going to play an outlaw so you can go through this outlaw play and will have a whole set of towns that are run by the bad guys, but you’re PvP flagged all the time. So for people who want that hardcore PvP experience, they can choose to go and do it.

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