First ever look at PvP in The Secret World

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Funcom's Ragnar Tørnquist and Martin Bruusgaard teamed up for a first ever look at player vs. player (PvP combat in The Secret World. The three secret societies, united in their fight against evil but divided in their pursuit of power, will fight for control over the source of their power, the anima nodes in Agartha, deep in Hollow Earth. While details on Agartha are still fairly scarce, Bruusgaard surprised us by hinting at "light RTS elements"in Agartha.

Agartha is where players will earn distinction and rankings in their respective societies, and Funcom promised that every stat and achievement will be extensively tracked (possibly including geo-specific rankings). But that's just the straw on the milkshake. For more, check out part two of our video coverage of The Secret World from PAX 2009!

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