Combat Arms Surpasses 3 Million Registered Users

Posted Tue, Sep 15, 2009 by Martuk

Nexon America announced today that its multiplayer online first-person-shooter (FPS), Combat Arms has surpassed 3 million registered users. Nexon attributes contributes the growth of Combat Arms to its growing profits for August. Combat Arms features a variety of features that have helped make it popular like Quarantine Mode and the ever so popular NutShot feature. You heard me right, you can kill your male opponent with a critical shot to the groin.

Combat Arms, which was launched in July of 2008, added large chunks of new content this past year, including the NutShot game feature, Quarantine Mode and Fireteam Mode. NutShot gave players a chance for a critical hit with a shot in the groin of male opponents, much like a head shot in all FPS games. Quarantine Mode gives players the opportunity to play as and against infected, zombie-like soldiers. Fireteam Mode allows teams of players to take on terrorists in a player-versus-environment setting.

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