An MMO Evolution: Connecting Players to the Story

Posted Wed, Nov 04, 2009 by Dalmarus

The importance of story in an MMOG is different for every gamer. Some like feeling as though tales within a game have been custom crafted for them, while others are content with an overall story encompassing a race, nation, or world. Join Eric “Dalmarus” Campbell as he delves into the world of storytelling and its effect on the gamers of today.

For me, the story of a game, and how it relates to me personally is very important. While I still consider BioWare to be the unchallenged rulers of this domain in the single player world, there are some games that have made impressive strides towards making a personalized story within an MMOG a viable achievement. It's interesting how companies can strive for the same goal and attain it in completely different ways.

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