Turbine Developers Discuss Creating "Epic Difficulty" in DDO

Posted Tue, Nov 24, 2009 by Martuk

Turbine developers Torc, Piloto, and Eladrin recently had a discussion with the community about the process of creating epic dungeons. The new "Epic Difficulty" dungeons have been introduced with select adventure packs and allow players to experience new challenges in older content they may have outleveled.

Throughout our game, players can enter dungeons on Normal, Hard, and Elite settings to adjust the challenge (and rewards) they experience in quests. This is great as you level through the game, but we felt more could be done. What if you want something insanely challenging? What happens after you’ve out-leveled that adventure pack you purchased at lower levels? We wanted to inject new life into some of our classic adventure packs, and create new goals for our high level characters to work towards. Epic difficulty accomplishes both of these things, and more!

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