Klingons Confirmed as Primarily PvP Only in Star Trek Online

Posted Thu, Dec 17, 2009 by Martuk

In what's sure to a bit of a disappointment, Star Trek Online Producer Daniel Stahl let it slip in a recent podcast interview (about 36:20-37:00, and genesis content at 40:00) that Klingons will be primarily PvP only and will have no genesis or episodic content. The information has since been confirmed by Jack Emmert on the official Star Trek Online forums.

Seems like good ole Dan kicked off Klingon month in STYLE!

First, let me apologize that info has been slow to get out. Believe it or not, December was supposed to "klingon" month. I have zero clue why it's Dec. 15th and still nothing, but I can tell you this WILL change (I just saw the threads yesterday).

Secondly, yes, Klingon gameplay is almost entirely PvP. We are trying to get some PvE in (there's already a tad bit). And, if the players demand it, we'll add more content (like episodes). I want us to be agile as a company and respond to what the customers want.

Third, I'll reiterate my point in the other thread. I'm most excited about playing a Klingon. I love combat in a bird of prey. Klingons are getting attention - from me. It's not as much as I'd want, but we have a foundation that we can grow into. If people like the federation gameplay, we can put that in for the Klingons. If players have a different set of requests for klingons, we can do that instead. We can make STO into the game that YOU want.

I'll close with that. MMORPG's aren't just about release. They're about community and the years of gameplay. Disappointed that there isn't more Klingon gameplay? Play STO, tell us what you'd like and we can deliver that. Every passing day, we can make STO into what the fans want.


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