EVE Online: Exclusive Post-Dominion Interview

By Reuben Waters -

Earlier this month EVE Online players were given an early holiday gift in the form of Dominion, the gameÂ’s twelfth expansion overall and second in 2009. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer caught up with Senior Producer Torfi Frans Olafsson to talk about the impact of Dominion on player-controlled areas of space, player reactions to the expansion and whether or not CCP has any other plans for the title that we might see make it in-game prior to the release of DUST 514.

Ten Ton Hammer: You have previously stated that you do not anticipate players migrating to conquerable space because it is not lucrative enough. Has that changed significantly with the Dominion expansion?

Olafsson: We are seeing evidence of large numbers of people upgrading their clones and taking the jump into the lawless, player-controlled zero-security part of space, finding riches in fat bounty NPCs and mining, and upgrading the development indices of their systems by doing so. So whatever is causing it, more people are waking up to the fact that zerosec is fun and the risks are worth it. Remote systems, deep in zerosec, are now teeming with life, thereÂ’s chatter in the local chat channels, money is being made and people are having fun. ItÂ’s very exciting for the developers to see this unfold.

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