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The first Order of Tinkerers were zealots who established conclaves in virtually all of Eberron’s major cities preaching about the evils of magic while recruiting those interested in the

The first Order of Tinkerers were zealots who established conclaves in virtually all of Eberron’s major cities preaching about the evils of magic while recruiting those interested in the ways of science. Eventually, the rhetoric died down and today the Tinkerers are more obsessed with discovering how everything in the world works than with preaching. Ironically enough, the Order could not accept being unable to repair members of the Warforged race, a feat that requires the use of arcane magic. This eventually led them to the study of the exact thing they first set out to vilify-- the arcane arts--in order to keep in step with their pursuit of mastering everything that affects technology.

They wish you were here!

As a member of this elite group, you have dedicated yourself to the pursuit of knowledge, and what better way to discover ancient technological marvels than to explore the long forgotten civilizations of the world? You’ve spent years training both your body and mind and it’s paid off in spades. There’s no container in the world that can keep its secrets hidden from you and no trap in any dungeon that can resist your disarming touch.

The Tinkerer, as you may have guessed, is a Rogue/Wizard build. The majority of their skills come from the Rogue tree but, due to their desire to be of assistance to their Warforged companions, are rounded are out by arcane spells. By concentrating on stealth, sneak attacks, and the ability to open any lock and disarm any trap, they should be welcome in many parties. Those looking for a min/max type of character may not be happy here, but those looking for something interesting to add to the game may find this build will be right up their alley.

Starting Abilities
Halfling (28 pt) Halfling (with Bonuses) Halfling (32 pt)
Str 10
Str 10 Str 10
Dex 18
Dex 22 Dex 18
Con 10 Con 10 Con 10
Int 16 Int 18 Int 16
Wis 10 Wis 14
Wis 14
Cha 8
Cha 8
Cha 8

Ability Score Notes:
With the Rogue class making up the majority of this build, make sure your dexterity is up there. Added Intelligence will give you a large pool of skill points to distribute each level. Finally, putting some points into Wisdom will not only make your spells less resistable, but will increase your Will saves as well. Lowering your Dexterity by one or two points and putting them in Constitution instead will also net you a boost in hit points. Remember to use equipment that will boost stats you feel are lacking.

(Information below based upon 28 point build, Halfling 13 Rogue / 7 Wizard)

Hit Points: 126

Armor Class: 19 + Items/spells

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +8
Reflex: +17
Will: +12

Class/Race Features:
+1 Armor class bonus, +1 attack roll bonus, +4 Hide checks, and 3/4 carrying limit
+2 bonus on Jump, Listen, and Move Silently checks
+1 bonus on all saving throws and +2 saving throw bonus against Fear
+1 attack roll bonus with thrown weapons
Light Armor Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Rapier
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Shortsword
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Shortbow
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Sneak Attack
Inscribe scroll
Magical Training

Balance +17
Bluff +14
Concentration +24
Disable Device +33
Heal +3
Hide +24
Jump +3
Listen +5
Move Silently +24
Open Lock +34
Repair +28
Search +26
Spot +4
Tumble +23
Use magic Device +21

Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Defensive Fighting, Evasion, Sunder, Trip, Weapon Finesse, Trap Sense, Uncanny Dodge, Extend Spell, Two Weapon Defense, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Nimble Fingers, Skill Mastery, Dodge, Enlarge Spell, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Evasion

Halfling Cunning IV
Halfling Dexterity II
Halfling Guile IV
Halfling Luck (Fortitude) I
Rogue Dexterity II
Rogue Disable Device IV
Rogue Faster Sneaking I
Rogue Open Lock IV
Rogue Skill Boost II
Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy II
Rogue Sneak Attack Training II
Rogue Subtle Backstabbing II
Rogue Wrack Construct III
Wizard Force Manipulation III
Wizard Intelligence I

(DC 7 + spell level)
Spell Points: 359

Level 1: Detect Secret Doors, Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Repair Light Damage, Tumble, Sleep, Shield, Cause Fear, Hypnotism
Level 2: Repair Moderate Damage, Owl's Wisdom, Cat's Grace, Otto's Resistable Dance, Bear's Endurance
Level 3: Repair Serious Damage, Displacement, Haste
Level 4: Repair Critical Damage, Dimension Door

Spell Notes:
The Tinkerer is always in search of new technology, including spells that can affect or imitate it. Repair spells should always be chosen as soon as possible. After that, concentrate on spells that are useful to the party, or something the curious mind of your character would find fascinating, such as Hypnotism and Dimension Door.

Detailed progression by level

Progression Notes:

  • Main skill choices to concentrate on are Concentration, Disable Device, Hide, Move Silently, Open Lock, Repair, Search, and Use Magical Device. Any remaining points can be distributed however you see fit. Be sure to only raise Concentration when choosing the Wizard class for that particular level so you don't suffer the cross-class penalty.

Level 1
Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting
Enhancements: Rogue Skill Boost I, Rogue Sneak Attack Training I, Rogue Disable Device I, Rogue Open Lock I

Level 2 (Rogue)
Enhancements: Halfling Cunning I, Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I, Rogue Dexterity I

Level 3 (Rogue)
Feat: Weapon Finesse
Enhancements: Halfling Dexterity I, Halfling Guile I, Rogue Wrack Construct I

Level 4 (Rogue)
Ability Score: Wisdom +1
Enhancements:  Rogue Disable Device II, Rogue Open Lock II

Level 5 (Rogue)
Enhancements: Rogue Skill Boost II, Rogue Sneak Attack Training II

Level 6 (Wizard)
Feats: Two-Weapon Defense, Extend Spell
Enhancements: Halfling Cunning II, Rogue Subtle Backstabbing I, Wizard Force Manipulation I

Level 7 (Rogue)
Enhancements: Halfling Guile II, Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy II

Level 8 (Wizard)
Ability Score: Wisdom +1
Enhancements: Rogue Dexterity II

Level 9 (Rogue)
Feat: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Enhancements: Rogue Wrack Construct II, Wizard Intelligence I

Level 10 (Wizard)
Enhancements: Halfling Cunning III, Rogue Faster Sneaking I

Level 11 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device III

Level 12 (Rogue)
Ability Score: Intelligence +1
Feat: Nimble Fingers
Enhancements: Rogue Subtle Backstabbing II, Rogue Open Lock III

Level 13 (Rogue)
Feat: Dodge
Enhancement: Halfling Guile III

Level 14 (Wizard)
Enhancement: Wizard Force Manipulation II

Level 15 (Rogue)
Feat: Improved Evasion
Enhancements: Halfling Dexterity II, Rogue Wrack Construct III

Level 16 (Wizard)
Ability Score: Wisdom +1
Feat: Enlarge Spell
Enhancement: Halfling Cunning IV

Level 17 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device IV

Level 18 (Rogue)
Feats: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Evasion
Enhancement: Rogue Open Lock IV

Level 19 (Wizard)
Enhancement: Halfling Guile IV

Level 20 (Wizard)
Ability Score: Wisdom +1
Enhancements: Halfling Luck (Fortitude) I, Wizard Force Manipulation III

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