AdventureQuest Worlds: Battle the 3rd Lord of Chaos, Kitsune!

By Stacy Jones -

AdventureQuest Worlds has been building up to an epic showdown over the last few weeks. Each week Artix Entertainment brought us a new blog detailing the challenges that faced players of AdventureQuest Worlds on Yokai Island and this week they return with new details on the long awaited epic showdown with the Chaos Lord Kitsune. Starting Friday, players will be able to engage the third World Boss in epic battle. New programming has been implemented to make sure that this battle offers something different and unique for players, including new loot.

The highly anticipated Chaos Lord Shogun Showdown is finally here! Well, almostÂ… come Friday, 14-million players of the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds ( will engage in an epic battle versus the third World Boss, Chaos Lord Kitsune. Armed with the Legendary Hanzamune Blade, Kitsune puts up a fight like no other to date. Now, I know you probably hear that saying all the time, but when AQWorlds says it, we actually mean it; brand-new programming and functionality went in to making this Chaos Boss battle different from any other fight in the game.

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