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Runes of Magic - The Druid: Dual Class Guide

Posted Wed, Jan 27, 2010 by ZeroMerc

The Druid is one of the few Hybrids in the game.  How do you pick a second class for the Druid when you basiclly already have a second class already built in?  Well you do because you have to... its just the mechanics of the game.  Join our resident Runes player ZeroMerc as he takes a look at possible one of the more difficult dual class classes. 

The druid is one of the few hybrid classes in the game in that does not technically NEED a dual class. In its native form it has the ability to heal and deal a fair amount of damage. Even the Priest who has the ability to do damage in its native form does not really have the ability to continue that without the help of its second class. One might say that the Druid could be its own Dual class. Unfortunately could does not translate into can within the world of Runes of Magic. You simply must choose a secondary class at some point.


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