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Posted Mon, Jun 04, 2007 by Ethec

An Interview with Brian "Psychochild" Green, Founder of Near Death Studios

There are a bevy of blogs by individuals in the video game industry. Everyone with a tech oriented mind seems to have jumped on the blog bandwagon and is getting their voice heard by the public consumer. One of the best game industry blogs belongs to Brian "Psychochild" Green, founder of Near Death Studios, Inc., and general industry veteran. We were lucky enough to get an opportunity to sit down and chat with Brian. In the first selection of our two-part interview, we discuss how Brian got started in the MMO industry and how Meridian 59 has opened his eyes to the business elements of game development.

The reasons for 3DO shutting down Meridian 59 were pretty simple: they took all the people off the project and most of us eventually left the company because we were not able to work on online games. When we all left they did not have anyone who had any technical knowledge of the programming system, so they decided to shut the game down rather than face the possibility of the game failing and them having no idea how to fix it.

Check out Part 1 of our Brian Green interview right here at Ten Ton Hammer!


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You probably don't know what Meridian 59 is, but before EverQuest came around and dominated the MMO scene, there was another 3D online game in town, and the first of its kind. Listen as Brian "Psychochild" Green discusses his fond memories of one of the first real MMOGs.

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