Matrix Online Dev Blog #4 at Warcry

Posted Mon, Jun 04, 2007 by Ethec

MXO devs offer the red pill!

In a largely event-driven MMO (one that runs an event nearly every day, hats off!), knowing what's on the dev's collective mind is more than just news - in a Matrix-y kind of way. You know. Anyway, here's a look at the latest MXO dev blog at Warcry:

Zion also tracked the Morpheus signal, eventually finding it and catching it as a strange glitch occurred, causing it to repeat the same line four times. This raised further suspicions about the signal's true origins. Tracking was complicated by the appearance of die-hard Morpheus supporters, wishing to emulate and further his old agenda.

More interesting creepiness awaits you at the The Matrix Online Dev Blog #4 at Warcry!

On the heels of losing their last developer, SOE's Matrix Online has released update number 66 this week.
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