March "Letter from the Game Director" Reveals New Armor Details for Rise of the Gods

By Stacy Jones -

Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Craig Morrison posted his March "Letter from the Game Director" today for the AoC community. This letter goes into a bit more detail about the game's upcoming expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. Morrison revealed some new details about the faction armor that will be included in the expansion and bring more than eighty new armor sets, each with unique names and statistics and tailored to each class. Morrison also explained more about the new statistics, referencing information from Funcom's GDC 2010 presentation.

The expansion also introduces new statistics in relation to critical damage. Many of the new armor pieces will have a new ‘critigation’ statistic that allows you to mitigate critical damage. This is a major new mechanic that has allowed us to create these new armor tiers without making them overpowered in the old world content.

Read the full letter here.

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